Sullivan Whitetail Ranch is truly one of the great deer breeding operations in the state of Texas.  Brad Sullivan and his partner / ranch manager Jeff Dean are some of the real good guys in the industry, and we are honored to consider them and their family as dear friends.  Brad and Jeff have been instrumental in helping our breeding operation in south Texas on many different levels.  We have purchased bred does, open does, and breeders from Sullivan Whitetails and the quality of the stock has been an instrumental piece of the puzzle in achieving our goal of quality foundational genetics.

Our business plan on the GKR was built on the belief that a very high quality foundational herd will bring a better return on investment in the long run, by insuring our customers are successful each and every time.  Sullivan Whitetail Ranch has been a vital partner in helping us achieve this goal in both our breeding pens and hunting operation.

As good as the deer are at Sullivan Ranch, the willingness of Brad and Jeff to share what they have learned with us has been an added blessing.  You can be confident that these folks will go the extra mile to ensure you are informed, successful and ultimately profitable in the stewardship of some of God’s most magnificent creatures that we all love, the whitetail deer.

Dr. Greg and Beth Gist
Gist Kinsman Ranch

It’s amazing to me what Brad and Jeff have accomplished in the deer business in such a relatively short time. Growing some of the biggest deer in Texas is only one aspect of SWR, it’s the character and integrity of Brad and Jeff that have made them so successful.  You won’t find better men or make better friends than Brad and Jeff. If you want to succeed in the deer business and your needing some direction, I can’t think of anyone that’s  doing a better job than Sullivan Whitetail Ranch. It’s been my pleasure to be involved with Sullivan Whitetail Ranch and their success!

Chris McSpadden
The Refuge